MARKET SQUARE 10 am - 4 pm

Visit the exhibition marquee, home of the ingenious exhibitors, full of engaging activities for kids and parents provided by the incredible businesses of Darlington. Watch a 3D printer at work, control a miniature subsea robot and more fun! 


Market Square

The Festival of Ingenuity 2017



Six activities based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Durham Police will be there with a CSI kit for you to try dusting fingerprints, use of UV lights and much more fun! Read more about each activity below.

Mighty Futures

Affordable and Clean Energy

By 2030 there will be more clean and renewable energy to help fight climate change and provide energy to the whole of the world. What can we invent, innovate or change?

Activity: Create a mini turbine that will be added to our Ingenious Wind Farm Across the day.

Climate Action

After the dramatic consequences of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Jose, this year in 2017, understanding the origins of such extreme events is of growing importance.  What is the link between cyclones, the ocean, and climate change?

Activity: Create mini cyclones.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

By 2030 cities and villages will have access to clean, safe communities with good housing, water, electricity, clean transport and green spaces to make life, happier and healthier and more prosperous.

Being isolated in rural areas is one of the main factors to poverty. Bridges to prosperity build bridges to help connect people to food, water, work and schools.

Activity: Build a footbridge. Cleveland Bridge will be leading this activity.

Life Below Water

Life Below Water

It is important that we protect all our oceans, seas and species as they provide food, medicines, energy and jobs for millions of people around the world.

According to the UN, there will be more plastic in our seas and oceans than a fish by 2050. As more fish are fished from the water and more plastic pollutes there are less fish to absorb the carbon dioxide which escapes into the atmosphere and causes more global warming. What can we invent, innovate or change?

Activity: Code a robot fish that can move through the water and remove the plastic. 

Life on Land

Life on Land

Protecting restoring and promoting sustainable use of land, and all that lives in the land is vital for our world. This includes stopping deforestation, looking after our parks and caring for wildlife.

Our park wardens and others like zoologist look after, understand and protect our wildlife. There
are lots of ways you can help too!

Activity: Make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Peace and justice are hugely important for us all by promoting, building effective societies. Having a police force that protects and supports communities is hugely important. Science can help to achieve this.

Activity: Dust fingerprints, use UV-light and more. Durham Police will be leading this activity.