Travel to the Festival of Ingenuity

We are Exploring Sustainability at this year's Festival of Ingenuity. We are working towards and auditing for future years to become a sustainable festival. We would therefore appreciate your help by thinking through which method of travel you use when travelling to the Festival of Ingenuity. See below for some suggestions.

Cycle to town

For an overview of cycle routes, please look at the Darlington town cycle map and Darlington rural cycle mapYou can get a hard copy of this foldout map from Bike Stop on Skinnergate or by contacting Let's Go Tees ValleyDetails on "where to cycle in Darlington town centre" and how to cycle safely in town are also included.

Parking your bike in Darlington is simple as 1,2,3! Take a look at the Darlington town centre cycle parking map

Why cycle to the Festival of Ingenuity? - Exploring Sustainability

Cycling doesn’t produce any air or noise pollution, making it one of the greenest forms of transport. By replacing short motorised journeys with your bike, you are helping to create a greener, cleaner environment for the local community!

Cycling is also one of the cheapest ways to get around. Compared to driving, the cost of a bike and general maintenance is minimal. Tees Valley has over 707km (around 440 miles) of dedicated cycle routes. With paths along major roads, in town centres and off-road leisure parks, there are cycle opportunities for work, leisure and pleasure.

If you are not convinced yet - visit Let's Go Tees Valley and read more about why cycling is a great way of transport!


Travel by bus

With great bus links from in and around Darlington, running up to every 5 minutes, the event is easily accessible by bus. You can plan your journey here. Bus stops are a very short walk from the market square, and you will save time on trying to find a parking space.

Why travel by bus to the Festival of Ingenuity? - Exploring Sustainability

Did you know that one double decker bus can take up to 90 cars off the road? Using the bus helps reduce our carbon footprint for a cleaner, greener environment. Fuel and parking charges alone are expensive, why not give the bus a go and see what you could save?

If you are not yet convinced - visit Let's Go Tees Valley and read more about how taking the bus is a great way of travel!


Travel by train

Darlington Railway Station is situated in the heart of Darlington, just a short walk from the Market Square. It will only take you 35 minutes to get here if you live in Newcastle or York! The trains will be running all day long. 


Why travel by train to the Festival of Ingenuity? - Exploring Sustainability

Did you know that a Bishop Line train, for example, can hold approximately 100 seated passengers? This means that just one train journey has the potential to remove 100 single occupancy vehicles from the road.

Using the train instead of the car can help to reduce your carbon footprint and also contribute to a much cleaner, greener environment by limiting the number of cars on the road. 

If you are not yet convinced - visit Let's Go Tees Valley and read more about how taking the train is a great way of travel!


Travel by car

We are expecting a lot of people visiting the Festival of Ingenuity and we hope that people cycle or use public transport to get in and out of Darlington Town Centre. However, if you are in need of driving - there are several ways to drive smarter!

Smarter driving is about reducing fuel use and thinking differently about how and when you use a car.  Becoming fuel efficient will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will also save you money.

Road transport in the UK is the third largest source of greenhouse gases and accounts for 20% of the UK's total carbon emissions. Air pollution, climate change and acid rain are just some of the problems caused by carbon emissions. Avoiding the use of your car altogether is a big ask, but we can do our bit to limit the amount of carbon we emit. Read more here: Let's Go Tees Valley


Single occupancy car travel (one person driving in a vehicle alone) is often the most expensive way to travel. Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together.

By getting involved in a car sharing scheme, you are doing your bit to minimise the noise, congestion and pollution caused by the number of cars on our roads. 

If you are not yet convinced, visit Let's Go Tees Valley for more information on how it works and how to find someone to car share with.


To find out more about parking in Darlington Town Centre and charges CLICK HERE, or visit Darlington Borough Council's webpage:

Note: We are expecting a lot of people at the Festival of Ingenuity, so please be patient and drive safely.