FEETHAMS PODIUM 10 am - 4 pm

Our Festival partner, for the third year running are Darlington Building Society. In line with previous years the Society will be hosting a family fun area on the Feethams Podium. There will be performances, children storytelling and lots of exciting activities for the whole family. There will also be charities that the society have supported over the year, holding stalls on the podium with more family fun for all.


Feethams Podium

TAKE A TRIP! 10 am - 4 pm

The famous Darly train will be back again to take you on a mini trip around the town centre. Pick up/drop off from below the Feethams Podium and at the corner of the Horsemarket. Jump on board for some Darly fun!


Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon - Street Theatre Static Show

George Orange is an eccentric clown and slack-rope dancer from Chicago. He has come via the Moon, and brought a bit of it with him. 

George is truly one of a kind; take a trip with him down the rabbit hole of his show, an experience not to be missed.

Sense o matic

Sense O Matic - Walkabout Street Theatre

Sense-O-Matic is a science-meets-Victoriana show based around a steampunk-inspired contraption! A show consisting of two plucky young aspiring scientists, Anne and Lottie and their splendorous, spectacular, scientific discovery machine!

Hedge Men

Hedge Men - Walkabout Street Theatre

You’ll never look at your own bush the same way after you meet one of these cheeky trees. They look exactly like the real thing only better, bigger, noisier and funnier.

Are you brave enough to have a picture with them? Be careful, you might become part of the entertainment!

Darren de Lusion

Darren de Lusion Walkabout Street Theatre

Top street magician Darren de Lusion, and his long-suffering cameraman Barry, bring street magic and glamour.

Audiences often report experiencing feelings of “wonder”, ”disbelief” and “fashion stress disorder”, as Darren mixes hilarious spoof magic with some genuinely amazing tricks.

Gran Turismo

Granny Turismo Walkabout Street Theatre

What do you call a gathering of Grannies? A gaggle, or a giggle perhaps? 

Listen for the screech of burning rubber. No pavement is safe. You have been warned. Granny Turismo is coming to Darlington!

Bouncing B Boys

Bouncing B Boys - Walkabout Street Theatre

These big, bouncing, b-boy breakers and their beat blasting boom box are sure to bring out the funk in everyone. This high-energy fun act might even teach you their secret handshake.


Institute of Physics (IOP)


Institute of Physics [IOP] interact with the public of all ages and abilities to complete and/or demonstrate simple physics-based experiments such as a demo of a hydraulic crane, a tornado in a bottle, a banana piano etc.... with scientific explanations given throughout. All stall visitors receive an IOP sticker.